Nexus Select CITYWALKReal-Life Heroes – #TheCITYSalutesYou
Real-Life Heroes - #TheCITYSalutesYou
August 13, 2021

Real-Life Heroes – #TheCITYSalutesYou

They say that it is in our greatest challenges that we find our inner strength, it is in times of extreme duress that we find our ability to step up. The past year and the COVID-19 pandemic have witnessed ordinary people find it in themselves to become heroes. Kindness, compassion, drive, humanity – these have been the defining values that have enabled people from our community to become real-life heroes. From food distribution to education and skills training, from mental health counselling to poverty mitigation, from building better living conditions to women empowerment – these heroes have done it all, working tirelessly through the pandemic and ensuing lockdown. Nexus Select CITYWALK takes this opportunity to celebrate, facilitate, and salute some of these heroes.

Hemkunt Foundation

For over a decade the Hemkunt Foundation, managed by Irender Singh Ahluwalia, Harteerath Singh, Jatinder Pal Singh, Jeetinder Singh, and others has brought a smile to the people of New Delhi. The foundation has distributed over 50000 ration kits, 3000 oxygen concentrators, and 5200 oxygen cylinders through the COVID-19 pandemic. The foundation is serving over 500 meals to marginalized communities each day.

Hemkunt Foundation

The Good Food Project

Bringing healthy and hygienic food to countless starving people, Nandini Ghosh and Shray Gupta of the Good Food Project have been saviours of the poor, particularly through the COVID-19 crisis. The project has raised over INR 15 lakhs through the second wave of the pandemic and this has gone towards the distribution of ration kits to low-income families, specially to the workers at crematoriums. The projects have also done a lot to improve menstrual hygiene in these areas.


Little India Foundation

Little India Foundation was founded by Saleem Khan and is cofounded by Harsimar Chawla. Through the second wave of the pandemic, the foundation distributed concetrators, arranged hospital beds and did everything in their power to help all those suffering! Little India Foundation has been running a ‘One Meal A Day’ campaign for about 4 years now. This allows children from low-income families to get one healthy meal each day. The Little India Foundation focuses on distributing dry rations, masks, and promoting sanitation in slum colonies. Apart from 2 million cooked meals, the foundation has distributed hundreds of thousands of ration kits, masks, slippers, etc.


Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon decided to step up his game during the pandemic by providing free laughter sessions to people affected with COVID. Not only did he manage to to put a smile on their faces, he also created a ommunity and platform where people could come together and share their problems without any judgement.


Divija Bhasin

Mental health has taken a hit through the days of the pandemic and isolation. Divija Bhasin stepped up to face the challenge and has been working tirelessly with adolescents and adults. Tirelessly creating content that generates awareness about mental health issues and treatment, Divija has garnered a huge following while encouraging people to come forward and share their problems.


“Styling the Hero in You” is Nexus Select CITYWALK’s attempt to showcase and honour the founders of NGOs and individuals who have gone truly above and beyond in their attempt to help the people of Delhi during an unprecedented crisis. With the help of our store partners, Nexus Select CITYWALK decided to give these real-life stars a fashion makeover. Our campaign is supported by prominent brands including Ted Baker, Tiger, Adidas Originals, Massimo Dutti, Aldo, Gant, CK, Zara, Mango, Brooks brothers, Steve Madden, Dune, and Charles and Keith. This is our endeavour to honour these selfless philanthropists and to shine a light on their stories. They have been an inspiration and Nexus Select CITYWALK is honoured to get an opportunity to work with them. #TheCITYSalutesYou