Refreshing Summer Salads That Will Cool You Down The Heat
April 06, 2023

Refreshing Summer Salads That Will Cool You Down The Heat

Summer salads are a fantastic way to beat the heat and enjoy a delicious and refreshing meal. With their colorful and vibrant ingredients, they offer a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

The cool and crisp texture of summer salads is one reason to love them. The refreshing crunch of lettuce, cucumbers, and bell peppers is a great contrast to the warm weather, and the juicy sweetness of watermelon or pineapple can provide a burst of flavor in every bite.

So, while the temperatures start rising and our taste buds crave some satiating summer salads, Select CITYWALK should be your one-stop destination for relishing summer salad.

Whether you want a simple side salad with your meal or a hearty main course salad, summer salads are the perfect way to cool down and enjoy the season. So next time you’re feeling the heat, grab a fork and dig into a delicious, refreshing summer salad at Select CITYWALK.

Uncafe– Uncafe at Select CITYWALK, Saket is a popular cafe that offers a delicious range of salads made with fresh and healthy ingredients sourced from local farms and suppliers. Their Greek Salad, made with fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, olives, and homemade dressing, is a favorite among people. The Caesar Salad, with crisp romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, and croutons, is also a must-try. Uncafe’s menu is perfect for those looking for a healthy and satisfying meal.



Andreas Eatery – Summer calls for refreshing salads, and what could be a better place to dig into delicious salads other than Andreas Eatery, located at Select CITYWALK? With a variety of fresh ingredients and dressings, their salads are both flavorful and nutritious. From classic Caesar salads to exotic Mediterranean options, Andreas has something to offer for every taste preference. Their salads are prepared with utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that each bite is a delight for the senses. If you’re looking for healthy and tasty meal options, Andreas Eatery is worth a visit.

Sly Granny– When it comes to digging into light and healthy salads, your favorite shopping destination- Select CITYWALK would never disappoint you. Sly Granny cafe Saket primarily focuses on using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, their salads are bursting with flavor and nutrition. From the classic Greek salad to the exotic Asian-inspired options, their menu has something to cater to every palate. The salads are thoughtfully crafted and beautifully presented, making for a truly indulgent experience. If you’re looking for a guilt-free meal that doesn’t compromise on taste, head to Sly Granny.

Sly Granny

Celona– Talking about salads, one simply cannot miss out on visiting Celona! Their salads are made using the freshest and finest ingredients, with an emphasis on quality and taste. From classic Caesar salads to more exotic options like quinoa salad, Celona is a delight to visit. With their commitment to using only the best ingredients, it’s no surprise that their salads are so delicious. Don’t miss out on this healthy and tasty treat!

Pa Pa Ya– This pan-Asian restaurant, located at Select CITYWALK, offers light and scrumptious salads that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Their Som Tam and Edamame and Avocado salads are made using fresh and crunchy ingredients. So, if you’re looking for a wholesome meal, head over to Pa Pa Ya and try their scrumptious salads today!

If you are looking to strike the perfect balance between taste and health, delectable salads are the way to go! So, make sure to visit these cafes with your tribe at Select CITYWALK!

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