Saluting The Heroes on Kargil Diwas
Saluting The Heroes on Kargil Diwas
August 07, 2018

Saluting The Heroes on Kargil Diwas

Kargil Diwas is a day to remember the martyrs who selflessly sacrificed their lives so that their countrymen could be safe. This day is a symbol of bravery, persistence, and pride for us, and we at Select CITYWALK commemorated the day with vibrant cultural performances that represent the nation and spirit our army men defend – India. This year, we hosted the 6th edition of our Kargil Day celebrations.

As the sun set on July 22nd, the Army Band welcomed the martyrs’ families and guests, inviting them to be a part of a heartwarming tribute to India’s bravehearts. Select CITYWALK presented a commemorative movie presentation reminding everyone of the courage of our army brothers.

This was followed a felicitation ceremony for the martyrs’ families. The families who honoured the event with their presence included the parents of the Param Vir Chakra awardees, Captain Vikram Batra and Captain Manoj Pandey, parents of Vir Chakra awardee – Captain Vijayant Thapar among many other such warriors’ families.

Prahlad Acharya’s Hand Shadow Performance took everyone’s breath away as did the patriotic dance by the Cyclone group. The Army band rounded off the night with their stellar performance, while a painting tribute by Vilas Nayak also delighted the audience.

The event was also notable for hosting the Indian Army Dog show with 8 military dogs, a first time event in a civilian area. The heroic canine warriors won the hearts of the crowd as they greeted the masses with flowers and lotus formation. They also demonstrated various stunts such as jumping, salute, marching, and more, highlighting the exemplary heroism they display in their various operations that include bomb detection, rescue operations, weapon detection and many more.

Arjun Sharma, Chairman of Select CITYWALK was also present at the event, and brought out how the founding father of Select CITYWALK, Late Inder Sharma, always had great respect for the army for their courage and sacrifice to protect our motherland. The management of Select CITYWALK also announced the Inder Sharma Kargil Award for Academic Excellence for the toppers of Army Public School.

The celebrations were a simple yet profound reflection of the pride we Indians feel towards our lion-hearted Army, forever grateful to them for their service.

We look forward to next year’s celebrations, and hope to see you all there as well

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