Santa Stic Secorations!
Santa Stic Secorations!
September 19,2017

Santa Stic Secorations!

(How to decorate your home for Christmas – Easy Tips) A few of my favorite things

There’s glitter in the air and pops of red and green showing up everywhere, and if you look around you’re bound to see hints of holly leaves, snowflakes and Christmas bells! Santa Clause is coming to town, and it’s another reason to shop, party and make everything around us look pretty!

This year, go all out and decorate your home and make it look festive!

Here are the TOP 5 Christmas decorations everyone should have:

5. Snowflakes cutouts– So it doesn’t snow here – So what? Who says we can’t create our own winter wonderland! Simply use white construction paper or cardboard and cut snowflakes into shape or you can even use snow-cans & spray it everywhere!

4. Holly leaves and mistletoe: The bright green and red not only adds to the festive cheer, but is also super fun to hang up. Hang it on the ceiling, doors, windows – wherever it works! You can buy these from any art and décor stores at SelectCITYWALK!

3. Christmas stockings – They’re soft, they’re fuzzy and they’re super-fun! You can get these in many types and sizes – but as they say, the bigger it is, the more presents can fit in there! (Santa, are you listening?) Buy these from our stores like Kriti creations, Archies and others!

2. Tinsel – Everyone loves a little sparkly décor! Let the glitter take over this Christmas, and hang up that tinsel! The trick is to be subtle and not over-do it!

1. A Christmas tree – The single most important part of Christmas! This year, go all out – buy a super-tall one and spend all day decorating! Bows, stars, bells, fairy lights – be creative and be festive!

This year, let the Christmas spirit take over! Come to #SelectCITYWALK! Check out our larger than life Christmas tree & other amazing decorations for inspiration and spread the Christmas craze at home!

Have a Merry Christmas!

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