Shopping, Entertainment, And Indulgence – With Select CITYWALK
Shopping, Entertainment, And Indulgence – With Select CITYWALK
July 09, 2021

Shopping, Entertainment, And Indulgence – With Select CITYWALK

You are part of the Select CITYWALK family. You deserve to be indulged, entertained, and pampered even as you shop. We are open for shopping but we also believe in making store hopping a wonderful, comfortable experience. Let’s take a look at all the great services we have to offer as you shop.

Have you wondered how wonderful it would be if you could spend a long relaxing day shopping for the newest trends and the season’s latest while your chores get done, all by themselves? We at Select CITYWALK may not be able to take care of all your errands but we will certainly take care of your car washing needs while you spend a nice day shopping and entertaining your family and friends.

Shopping with an infant can always be cumbersome. Carrying the baby around along with your shopping can get you tired. Select CITYWALK offers parents with infants a comfortable stroller service. Pick up the stroller as you reach the mall premises, shop to your heart’s content, and drop off the stroller as you head to the car. Now that is baby-friendly shopping! If you love to shop but hate carrying bags, opt for our hands-free shopping experience as well.

The secret to looking smart and fashionable is personalized tailoring. Select CITYWALK offers the personalization and tailoring of all the outfits and apparel that you shop for at our store partners. Get that suave jacket tailored to fit you perfectly, get the length of your work trousers just right, get the flair of the skirt redone to add the oomph factor to your look.

Ever wonder why all the celebrities have personal shoppers? That’s because personal shoppers are professionals who can pick out the best of the season’s line of clothing and accessories based on your needs and body type. They spend time understanding your needs and what looks best on you. Then they recommend some of the most stylish and sophisticated outfits and accessories and you get to choose. When your shopping cart is ready, it is packaged beautifully and delivered to your home or set aside for curb side delivery.

Shopping for an all-new look? Or redoing your home décor? Binging on the end-of-season sale and worried about carrying all your shopping home? Leave it to the doorstep delivery professionals at Select CITYWALK!

Professionally packed and hygienically delivered right to your doorstep within 12 hours – just what you need to splurge and indulge yourself.

Select CITYWALK is all about creating unforgettable moments of joy and togetherness. Take the stress out of your shopping expeditions, hang out at the mall, and indulge in some top-notch food and entertainment. Select CITYWALK guests can participate in a number of events such as cooking workshops, yoga, and fitness classes, art and pottery classes that are held from time to time. On special occasions, we screen classic movies and our regular live music events are relaxing and soulful events. Indulge, enjoy…
Live music events schedule –
Saxophonist and Keyboard Player – 12:00 noon – 05:00 PM (Mon & Sat)
Live Music – 12:00 noon – 05:00 PM (Wed & Fri)
Violinist – 12:00 noon – 05:00 PM (Tue & Sun)
Pianist – 05:00 PM – 08:00 PM (Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat)

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