From shops to shopping centre…the journey of Select CITYWALK!
From shops to shopping centre…the journey of Select CITYWALK!
September 15,2017

From shops to shopping centre…the journey of Select CITYWALK!

It’s been 5 years since we opened! We’ve grown with lots of brands, lots of customers and most importantly with lots of love from you!
But you know what WE, at CITYWALK, love?
We love happy faces, bonding families, excited friends, budding love, and even more we love the shine in a girls eyes as she buys a bag with her first salary, we love the hope on a woman’s face as she beautifies herself, the enthusiasm of a boy as he buys a present for his girlfriend, and the satisfaction a child’s face as he plays to his heart’s content.
At CITYWALK, what we love most is just that – LOVE!
Did you see that guy slap his friend on his back as they shared a common joke?
Those women who looked over, checked out each other’s clothes and thought “Huh! I can do better than her!”
That kid who had icecream dribbling down to his elbows?
That husband who quietly stepped into the sports equipment shop?
Or that girl who dragged her boyfriend into that shop on sale?
Ahhh… that’s just another day at CITYWALK!

And this is what all our brands have in common; we want every single person to walk into our shopping centre to have an experience. Not just to come, buy something and leave… but to know that stepping into CITYWALK means that this is going to be a great/awesome day!
So…Starting with a refreshing workout at Fitness First Platinum, one can head over to one of the many cafes for a lavish breakfast, indulge in a bit of shopping, step over into the food court for a variety of palette tickling tidbits, catch the latest flick at PVR premiere, go for a soothing long massage at aroma thai, get a makeover at Looks, and end the day with a gourmet experience at any of our restaurants! This is how many of our customers explain a day of fun… It’s not complete without a splash of CITYWALK!
And so its what we want you to experience when you become “Citywalkers”! We want to become that friend, the one with whom you always have an awesome time, who never lets you down, who’ll never ditch you, and make sure you always have a smile on your face…that’s what we love at CITYWALK!
So what’s our mantra?… Had a fight? Stressed at work? Feeling under the weather? Or just had a bad day?? It’s simple! Turn it around… walk into Select CITYWALK and…Go Shopping!

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