Show’em some love! : Caring for your pets during the Lockdown
Show’em some love! : Caring for your pets during the lockdown
May 01, 2020

Show’em some love! : Caring for your pets during the Lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown can be quite stressful unless you find ways to relax, unwind and workout at the same time. Fortunately, this extended indoor stay can become quite enjoyable if you have a pet. Rarely do we get to spend any length of time with our adorable pets. Their sheer delight on having our undivided attention is quite evident now. And yet, your pet may be facing some challenges such as lack of physical activity, sensory overload and a disrupted routine.

Here are some of the top tips to care for your pets during the lockdown, from Select CITYWALK’s premier pet care centre – Heads Up For Tails.

Time to play and exercise

Spending most of your time indoors does not mean that you and your pet suffer from diminished activities. Just as you practice yoga and freehand exercises, your pet also needs exercise daily. Come up with simple but fun activities that may involve props like cardboard boxes, balls and toilet roll tubes. Jumping, tug of war and fetching the ball can help your pooch in getting the necessary workout. Bathe, groom and trim their coats regularly to keep off dust and ticks.

Mental exercises

Rashi Narang, the founder of Heads Up For Tails, Select CITYWALK’s favourite pet shop says that this is the perfect time to help the pets hone their sense of smell and indulge in some mental exercises. You may want to train your pet with some tasty treats. This is also a good time to start clicker training and help your fur baby respond to spoken words like “Sit”, “Sleep”, “Fetch”, “Teddy”, “Ball” etc.

Nutritive needs

Many of us are cooking up a storm in our kitchens and keeping ourselves active and busy. Pet nutrition needs to remain in sharp focus during this period. It is possible to find all pet supplies even during the lockdown. Heads Up For Tails offers doorstep delivery of food, treats, and grooming products (in many parts of the country) so that your fur buddies do not have to do without their favourites. Do not give in to the temptation of feeding them your meals. Consult your pet doctor for specific needs.

Focus on rest

A well-rested pet is a delight to be with. In fact, most adult dogs need at least 12-14 hours of sleep. This may now become difficult with a bustling household full of family members. Your family and you can remain sensitive to this need and keep noise levels and activity to a minimum when you see your pet resting. You may want to tuck in your pet with a favourite toy in a quiet corner when you sense sagging energy levels.

Chew, chew, chew

The long period of confinement, the constant sounds and activities may prompt your fur baby to become moody and to chew on things more than usual. To take care of your pet and your household you may want to fill a Kong or an inflatable toy and keep these handy. Chewable treats are also a good idea. Frozen toys are also often recommended by trainers.
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