Sip, slurp, bite, Gobble
Sip, slurp, bite, Gobble
September 15,2017

Sip, slurp, bite, Gobble

If there’s something that defines contentment for me, it’s a full stomach and a happy palette. That’s how I feel after a good meal. So when me and my closest friend (till now a closet foodie) decide to go “hang out”, the first question that we think of is, What do we feel like eating?
Invariably, we end up coming to Select CITYWALK, for CITYWALK is to food as a garden is to flowers, as a teenage girl is to mobile phones, as a television is to a couch potato…Whoops…yes, getting carried away is natural when talking about food!! But that is what this blog is about! It’s about food fanatics, people who wake up thinking of breakfast, get through the first half of office thinking of lunch and rush home at night only to get some great dinner!

So back to getting a bite with my friend. One of these times we went shopping to CITYWALK and spotted a new kiosk of Gelato Vinto selling sugarfree icecreams…aah, it was like a cry from the heavens, after getting one scoop of chocolate hazelnut, and one scoop of coffee(which we refused to share), we realized that we had whetted our appetites! So the next stop was just next door! A kiosk called Sushiya, which is probably the most reasonable tasty Sushi available in our city today! Vegetarian for me and a crunchy California roll for her! Slightly satisfied, we went back to shopping… An hour later, bags in hands and wallets considerably lighter, we were hungry for lunch!

And choices! How do you choose between awesome Chinese at Joy Luck Moon, Scrumptious Italian at Spaghetti Kitchen, or hearty Indian at Punjab Grill! Choices…choices…choices!! We decided to go with our ever favorite, ever consistent Geoffrey’s. If you’ve been to Geoffrey’s before, you know that it offers multi-cuisine food options, so Geoffrey’s was the best option for Italian loving me and Indian loving her!
So the next time you need a quick fix meal, don’t forget that this one-stop shopping destination also has a fabulous respite for food lovers! So take your pick and head over!

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