Skincare Pre and Post-Holi
March 26, 2021

Skincare Pre and Post-Holi

Holi is just around the corner and people are gearing up to celebrate the festival with colors and vigor. However, this in no way means you must compromise on your skin. While it’s best to get lost in the spirit of Holi, special attention must be given to skincare to avoid any harm or damage to your delicate skin. In the absence of adequate care, Holi can turn out to be a nightmare for your skin. The colours can cause irritation and even rashes at times. But, this should not stop you from celebrating Holi. Correct pre and post-Holi skincare can help to ensure that your skin does not get damaged and stays healthy. Mentioned below are a few pre and post-Holi skincare methods that you must follow to take utmost care of your skin:

Pre-Holi Skincare

Moisturize your skin

One of the most essential pre-Holi skincare products is a moisturizer. Applying a moisturizer is helpful because it prevents your skin from getting dry when you spend long hours under the sun and acts as a layer of protection that prevents the colours from coming in direct contact with the skin. The beauty outlets at Select CITYWALK such as Nykaa, MAC, Sephora, etc. have tons of options for you to pick from. The M.A.C Studio Moisture Cream and Clinique Moisture Surge will not only protect your skin but also hydrate it well.

Moisturize your skin

Apply a sunscreen

After moisturizing your skin, apply some sunscreen to keep yourself protected from sunburns. To protect your skin from the harsh summer sun rays, you will need a sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher to protect yourself from tanning and sunburns. You can buy the OMORFEE SunShun Sunscreen SPF 30 from Sephora at Select CITYWALK. It is one of the best options you can consider to keep your skin protected from harsh sun rays.



While you are at it, do not forget about the nails. During Holi, the colours can stain your nails and often accumulate under them. As a result, they look bad and brittle. Hence, it is best to trim the nails short so that there is no scope for the colours to accumulate. Also, buy a dark-colored nail polish like Colorbar Nail Lacquer – Night Rider from the Colorbar store, Select CITYWALK so that your nails do not stain easily.

Colorbar store

Lip care

Lips are delicate and can turn dry from all the colors. To ensure their safety, cover them under a thick layer of lip balms like the Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint – Bare Pink from Bobbi Brown, Select CITYWALK, or petroleum jelly. It will keep the lips moisturized and prevent the colours from settling.

Bobbi Brown Extra Lip

Oil your hair

Do not ignore your hair. Before playing Holi, apply some oil on your hair and scalp to keep them protected from damage. Oiling prevents your hair from getting dry and does not allow the colours to settle. As a result, removing the colours becomes easier. Also, oils provide your hair with essential nourishment. Brands such as Kama and Forest Essentials have an exotic range of oils across categories to help you nourish your scalp and hair on Holi and beyond.

Kama and Forest Essentials

Post-Holi skincare
Scrub your skin

After playing Holi, it is important to get rid of all the chemicals from the colours as soon as possible. If you allow the colours to settle for longer, it will cause irritation and rashes. Use a face wash like The Body Shop Brightening Cleansing Foam that will help to deeply cleanse your face and get rid of all chemicals. Visit the Body Shop outlet at Select CITYWALK to pick facewash and a good scrub to follow up with. Apply a moisturizer after cleansing and scrubbing to nourish your skin.

Rub ice

To soothe your skin during summers, especially after Holi when the temperature goes up, apply some ice on your face. Ice cubes calm your skin, shrinks the pores, and leaves it fresh and clean. They also provide relief from the heat and make your skin smoother.

Holi can be fun but not for your skin and hair. Hence, it is crucial to take proper care of them. Visit Select CITYWALK to find all you would require this Holi to keep your skin and hair protected. Happy Holi ☺