Soothing a broken heart with Haagen Dazs
Soothing a broken heart with Haagen Dazs
September 15,2017

Soothing a broken heart with Haagen Dazs

How easy is it to get over a heartbreak?
Not very, not simple and definitely not quick!
But one of the things that can help you is definitely very easy, simple and quick to get!
What is that???
“I scream”
“You scream”
“We all scream for ice cream!!”

So a couple of weeks ago, when confronted with such a situation, I headed over to my favorite ice cream place – Haagen Dazs!
Make my own sundae, get a scoop of the yummy-licious ice cream or get one of their awesome combinations?
All I needed was comfort food. But here I was confronted with choices! So I did what any normal person in my place would have done, asked them to make me a sundae which had only chocolate in it. Easy peasy!
They got me 2 scoops of ice-cream – Belgian chocolate and cookies and cream, on a chocolate brownie, drizzled over with chocolate sauce and decorated with chocolate sprinkles and almond flakes.
Did I hear the bells of heaven ringing??

Needless to say, I was left feeling comforted and content! Ahh…the wonders of ice cream! Haagen Dazs, you truly are my savior!

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