Southeast Asian fest #WOKintoCITYWALK
February 26, 2021

Southeast Asian fest #WOKintoCITYWALK

If there is one thing, we Indians pride ourselves on most, it is an appreciation of diverse cultures and cuisines. We at Select CITYWALK are a veritable melting pot of cultures and gastronomic delights and with you as our companion, the journey across the world is bound to be a delightful one.

If Southeast Asia is the next stop on this great adventure, your sojourn must be in some of the most wonderful restaurants and eateries at Select CITYWALK. These restaurants serve some of the most delectable Southeast Asian fare, right here in the heart of Delhi. Our Southeast Asia fest is a celebration of the rich and varied culinary traditions in the region and an invitation to #WOKintoCITYWALK.

Pa Pa Ya – Our first stop is at the ever-popular Pa Pa Ya. This fine-dining restaurant brings to the table (pun intended) some of the most amazing Asian, Chinese, Malaysian, and Thai dishes. The dim sum fest from Monday to Friday is just what you need to appreciate the subtle but sophisticated flavors of Southeast Asia. And if you like to venture further east, Pa Pa Ya serves some of the best sushi fares too.


Yum Yum Cha – Offering a tribute to the most refined culinary delights from the region is Yum Yum Cha. The Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese dishes that feature on the menu here are authentic and bursting with the flavors of Southeast Asia. “From the Wok” to “Sizzling Stone Bowls” – the exotic and the authentic come together in the most delightful way.


Mamagoto – There is a reason Mamagoto is always on the list of best-loved restaurants in Delhi. The Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Japanese fare served here is just as delicious as the ambiance which is aesthetically pleasing. Do not miss out on the signature rice bowls and the signature noodle bowls. Be transported to the heart of Southeast Asia with every mouthful.


Burma Burma – From Monyin Jin Hincho to Mont Lin Mayar, and from Kyar Yoe Kyaw to Shan Khowsuey – Burma Burma has just about all the authentic foods from the very heart of Myanmar. Look no further for a steaming bowl of Mohingar – the national dish of Burma as you let the warm and inviting ambiance sweep you off your feet. Burma Burma’s Bubble Teas are an all-time favourite.


Jom Jom Malay – Calling all food connoisseurs to sample the divine treats on the menu of Jom Jom Malay. Bringing you dishes straight from the colourful streets of Malaysia, Jom Jom Malay is a gourmand’s haven. The Chicken Rendang, Prawn Satay, and Roti Canai are sure to win you over.


And if you are ready to delve some more into authentic Asian fare further east in the continent you may want to visit the Land of the Rising Sun at Sushiya and the Harajuku Tokyo Café. Sushiya is just the place to order your favourite Miso Soup and Sushi Rolls and dig into a generous helping of Sashimi. The Harajuku Tokyo Café brings you the very best of baked delights and desserts straight from the streets of Tokyo.

With platters full and exciting menus, get ready to experience the best. #WOKintoCITYWALK and indulge the gourmand in you. The mouth-watering delicacies will definitely have you crave for more.

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