How to spend your day at Select CITYWALK on a Budget
How to spend your day at Select CITYWALK on a Budget
September 19,2017

How to spend your day at Select CITYWALK on a Budget

Budget blues? Yes – and you aren’t alone! It’s that time of the month when pockets are tight and until the next paycheck comes in, we all have to curb our urges and practice some self-control.

That means less visits to our favorite restaurants and swapping the shopping sprees for the horrible, dreadful act we’ve always hoped we never have to resort to: WINDOW SHOPPING! Shopping without buying? It’s a shopaholic’s worst nightmare! So here I am to your rescue! Here’s a list of ways you can spend your day at #SelectCITYWALK on a budget:

1. Mad about Movies – Swap the customary trip to your favorite stores for a movie instead! Simply head to PVR and pick a fun movie – 2 hours well spent! (& not much really ‘spent’)! Approx. amount spent – Rs. 500.

Mad about Movies

2. Fleadom to shop – Being on a budget doesn’t mean not shopping. It just means smart shopping! Check out our Flea@Nite market for quirky, unique baubles, trinkets and more – and they’re super easy on the pocket! Approx. amount spent – Rs. 800

Fleadom to shop


3. Grab a (budgeted) bite – Grab a bite while on the go! Check out our high street brands like Ala Turka and Red Mango for bite of something delicious that’s not too heavy on the pocket! Approx. amount spent– Rs. 200

Grab a (budgeted) bite

4. Nothing like free wi-fi – last, but certainly not the least, make wonderful memories for you and your friends! Get clicked at our many picturesque photo ops! You can even use our FREE Wi-Fi to upload them instantly & tag our Facebook page. Approx. amount spent – Rs. 0!

Nothing like free wi-fi

So, for everyone who believed that the end of the month is not a good time to go shopping – think again! It’s ALWAYS a good time at Select CITYWALK!

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