Nexus Select CITYWALKStand Together, Scan Together
Stand Together, Scan Together
September 20,2017

Stand Together, Scan Together

 *India is the world’s largest democracy, with 1.2 billion people.
 *The most number of movies are made in India, over 1000 each year
 *Besides the US & Japan, India is only other country in the world to have indigenously built a super computer.
 *The Indian National Kabaddi Team has won all World Cups
 *The 2nd largest number of scientists & engineers in the world, are in India

Does that make you feel proud to be an Indian?

India’s 70th Independence Day is just around the corner and we can feel the energy & pride taking over the city.

Let us remember the nation’s heroes who contributed & fought for the Independence of the nation to offer us the freedom we breathe today!
In order to pay homage to them & express your pride & love for the country, Nexus Select CITYWALK has setup a unique installation where its patrons can punch in to say they’re a proud Indian, as they walk into the shopping centre. The machine scans each finger, records the number of entries and reflects the total number on a digital screen. Placed right at the entrance of the shopping center, this one is hard to miss!

Our digital audience that cannot make it to the shopping centre can also pledge their support by simply ‘liking’ our posts on Facebook & Twitter which will be counted in.So what are you waiting for?

Stand Together, Scan Together

So far the response has been overwhelming with people from all age groups coming together to pledge their support for the country.  That’s not all, we even got a celebrity to paticapate in this one of a kind activity. Manisha Koirala showed her overwhelming support amidst a very excited group of shoppers! She even posed in front of our Proud to Be Indian installation!

Stand Together, Scan Together

Let’s come together to make a difference and make our country a legacy to live for! Make it count this Independence Day and don’t foregt to scan your finger before your next shopping escapade! Drop by Nexus Select CITYWALK  & tell us you’re a proud Indian.