Stay positive and find happiness with Select CITYWALK in times of Lockdown
Stay positive and find happiness
April 03, 2020

Stay positive and find happiness with Select CITYWALK in times of Lockdown

The corona virus outbreak has caught us off guard all of a sudden. What started just three months ago has now become a pandemic. As India grapples with the fallout of this situation, looking for ways to prevent the spread of the virus within the country of 1.3 billion population, there is no better solution immediately at sight other than the lockdown.

Yes, social distancing is the mantra for now. With all public spaces shut down, you will be effectively confined to home for the next few weeks.

While there are many panic-stories making rounds on the internet and otherwise, we, at Select CITYWALK, want you to see the great opportunities that lie for you in this unique phase of history. As Select CITYWALK is not all about being a great shopping destination, it is a lifestyle which implores you to stay positive and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

To that end, we have a few ideas for you to survive beautifully through these tough times and keep yourself motivated.

Remember, how we used to complain that there is no time to pursue self-care and our favourite hobbies because of the busy daily routine, city traffic and long hours in the office which left us with little time or energy to do the things we wanted. Now is the time to seize the opportunity.


Till now, you have been relishing delectable dishes at your favourite Chinese restaurants at Select CITYWALK or the finger-licking good Indian curries. But, now is the time to dish out your recipes and preparations and let your family know that you are no less of a master chef yourself.


Now is also the time to pick up the books you had been hoarding from the book store, meaning to read and complete, but haven’t had the time to go beyond the first chapter. If you’re into gardening, then you can tend to the plants and they will love you back for attending to them.

In times of lockdown, we may be tempted to disregard our daily routine and become lethargic in our approach to work. While the lack of motivation is understandable, it is not desirable for your well-being and should be avoided at all cost. So each and every day, wake up in time and follow a fitness regimen at home. This should be followed by a generous self-care and hygiene routine. And yes, you can now spend some more time on this than before, isn’t that great?


Working from home is the new normal now but that does not mean you will sit in front of your laptop in your night suit or pajamas. It is vital for your mental and physical well-being that you clean yourself up and get ready to work just as you would when going to the workplace. To keep yourself motivated and stay upbeat while working from home, try on new outfits, wear the new pair of trousers from H&M and play some music while you get on with the day’s work.

Most importantly, to keep ourselves calm and positive and also physically active during these difficult times, it is extra important for us to indulge in yoga and meditation and not let our apprehensions take over us. The medical experts have also been urging people who are in quarantine to expedite their workout routine to at least half an hour per day. From skipping to breathing exercises, there are numerous ways in which you can strengthen your inner system and come out of the corona crisis easily.

We, at SELECT CITYWLAK, are doing our bit by closing down the entire mall as part of the lock-down. Only necessary supplies stores like pharmacy and daily needs are operational and they are also extending their services to your doorstep if required, by delivering products to your home. Consequently, Modern Bazaar and Guardian Pharmacy are still open and available for home deliveries.

Stay safe and we can’t wait to see you soon!