How to Have a Sweet-Tooth and Stay Fit
How to Have a Sweet-Tooth and Stay Fit
September 19,2017

How to Have a Sweet-Tooth and Stay Fit

Everyone knows October is festive season and one of the most important things about all these festivities is– FOOD! To eat or not to eat… that is the question! As the food piles on, every girl faces her biggest dilemma! Want to be able to fit into your dresses…and still be fit for your beach trip during the holidays? But then again, who can resist cupcakes and pies and lemon tarts! What to do, what to do?

Don’t worry! Girlie Glam Doll has all the answers! Having a sweet tooth doesn’t mean you can’t be fit as a fiddle! Here are 5 tips on how to deal with desserts!

1. Pick your pudding: Don’t eat just about every dessert! Choose what you eat, and save your appetite only for those sweet treats that you absolutely cannot resist. In short follow the pick up or put down rule! So pick small portions and choose only and ONLY the must-haves!

2. Sweet substitutes: Some yummy desserts have awesome alternatives that are less fattening and equally delicious! For instance Vanilla Cream Sandwich Cookies are a slightly healthier substitute to chocolate ones, and frozen yogurts are a much healthier option than rich, fattening ice creams!

3. Work it off: If you work out, nothing should stop you from eating! You’ll be surprised how even a short, 30 minute workout can work wonders to your body!

4. Go splitsies: A simple secret to staying fit? Go splitsies! Pick a dessert – it could be anything you want – but only eat HALF! You can share the other half with your girl friends or you could save it for another day!

5. Mornings matter: Eating sweets in the morning > Eating dessert in the evening! What you eat in the morning is digested quicker and less likely to be fattening than something you eat late evening.

Keep these things in mind and you’re good to go! And remember: When the going gets tough, the tough eat (Oatmeal and honey) COOKIES.

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