The Creative Retreat at Select CITYWALK: An Effigy of Red Fort Made Out-Of-Waste
The Creative Retreat at Select CITYWALK
September 04, 2019

The Creative Retreat at Select CITYWALK: An Effigy of Red Fort Made Out-Of-Waste

Everyone’s favourite shopping destination – Select CITYWALK – grabbed a million eyeballs with its special art installation on the occasion of India’s 73rd Independence Day. Demonstrating the true patriotic spirit, the shopping destination has outshone itself yet again with its décor.

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We, Indians, have been celebrating the days of national importance with much vigour and enthusiasm. From remembering the days of our freedom struggle to appreciating the way India is moving forward with all its might, our celebrations have always been multi-faceted.

To uplift the true Indian spirit, Select CITYWALK marked its Independence Day celebrations by installing an effigy of the iconic Red Fort made out-of-waste. The effigy was on display, so every mall-goer could take a moment from his/her shopping schedule and appreciate the patriotic essence by reverencing one of the most significant monuments of national importance i.e. The Red Fort.

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The artist who made it possible expressed his pleasure on the completion of his relevant artwork. He said, “The red fort which we installed in Select CITYWALK was created using various scrap materials. For instance, almirah sheet was used to make the walls of the fort, kadhai for its dome, and spark plug for the dome tip. Some other scrap materials included angle, pipe c channel and I beam. The total of 2-ton scrap and 7 days of relentless work resulted in this artwork.”

Apart from the effigy of the Red Fort, Select CITYWALK bathed itself in the colours of independence. While the stunning tricolour décor reverberated the spirit of our national flag, the spectacular Ashoka Chakra ceiling drops titivating the majestic tri-coloured National Emblem of India filled the hearts of the viewers. Moreover, suggesting the progressive state of affairs with regards to our motherland, special art installations were also put on display. They showed an elaborative artwork with our national motto “Satyamev Jayate”.

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