Nexus Select CITYWALKThe fun experiences that are in store at Nexus Select CITYWALK
The fun experiences that are in store at Select CITYWALK
August 20, 2019

The fun experiences that are in store at Nexus Select CITYWALK

Tight schedules, uncountable tasks, never-ending to-do lists and what not – the same story repeats itself every day. And, something is terribly wrong here. It’s good that you are working incessantly but doing so at the cost of your mental peace doesn’t fit in quite well. A lot of us keep the fun factor aside, ignore the exciting things and just lead a life that’s nothing but a never-ending vicious circle.

So why not change it? Plus, when you have your favourite shopping destination- Nexus Select CITYWALK- by your side with tons of amazing things to offer besides shopping, why not spread your arms a little too wide, take a deep breath, and delve deeper into the ultimate fun.

Check these fun-experiences exclusively offered by Nexus Select CITYWALK to make your life a lot more happening:
Planning a hangout with your family? HANGOUT is just for you

Planning a hangout with your family? HANGOUT is just for you

Wouldn’t you love a place which offers you more than just an amazing shopping experience? If yes, Nexus Select CITYWALK’s HANGOUT – a rainforest-themed family entertainment center and café – is perfect for you. No matter you are 21 or 71, this astounding entertainment zone has got you covered. The cherry on the top is its interactive entertainment avenues where you can play your favourite games alongside enjoying a fun ride with virtual roller coasters. Moreover, it also boasts of its very own restaurant which leaves you drooling with its scrumptious menu.

So next time when you are planning a hang out with your family, just remember, HANGOUT is where you need to be!

Need some cinema-therapy? Let PVR be your saviour

Need some cinema-therapy? Let PVR be your saviour

Let’s face it – there is no better therapy for a movie-buff than going out to watch the latest movies in one of the best settings possible. This is where PVR at Nexus Select CITYWALK fits-in just right. Whether Bollywood’s drama entices you or Hollywood’s cinematic panache aligns with your movie preferences, PVR never disappoints you. Moreover, with the introduction of PVR IMAX, the cinematic experience has already reached a new high. Being first-of-its-kind in Delhi-NCR, it brings your favourite characters to life like never before. Also, with its plush seating, patented surround sound system and scrumptious treats, you are up for something refreshingly incredible.

Fed up of your unexciting fitness regime? Let’s add some fun to it

There is no denying the fact that most people find exercising tedious and boring. As a consequence, they develop repugnance towards fitness which, in turn, affects their lifestyle in unimaginable ways. This is exactly where Nexus Select CITYWALK’s fun-fitness events come into the picture. Whether you love dancing or yoga seems like a safer bet to you, these fun-fitness fiestas don’t leave any stone unturned to make your fitness regime more exciting. These events are regularly held at Nexus Select CITYWALK in collaboration with renowned fitness groups and experts. Interestingly, they are free of cost.

Recently, Fitness First joined forces with Nexus Select CITYWALK and organised ‘Dance Fitness Fiesta’. People from all walks of life participated in the event and went back home feeling motivated to take their fitness game to the next level.

Furthermore, routine events like Tambola which takes place at Mysquare at 5 pm on Wednesdays and The Movie Festival (formerly known as The Movie Festival) where special open-air screenings of classic cult movies are held on a regular basis that too free of cost, further add to the already high exhilaration levels at Nexus Select CITYWALK.

So whether you are feeling low or you want something to feel excited about, you know what to do. If you are still confused, just give this amazing place a visit and see for yourself how your worries and apprehensions take a backseat in a jiffy!

See you all there!