The Groceries Game!
The Groceries Game!
September 15,2017

The Groceries Game!

Let’s face it: We’re all shopaholics here. Clothes, shoes, bags- you name it, we’re buying it! But what about groceries? There is no way we can survive without our daily fixes – cookies and coke (Hello, calories!) or yogurt and cereal for the healthy-eaters. But when it’s time to grocery shop, we all have one thing on our minds – MOM!

Well, now it’s about time to try what we’ve been piling on to our mothers all these years. Don’t think of groceries as boring! We live in a world where we don’t step out of our homes without our IPhones or Blackberries. While apps for social networking, pictures and games are usually the most popular, just try going on the productivity or utility category and watch your disorganized life piece itself back together! Grocery apps are a great way to start. Not only will they clue you in about what you eat but you’ll also be able to keep track of how much, and how to accommodate that into your budget. And needless to say, it’ll make you seem like the responsible independent person your mom is always nagging you to become! So here are 3 cool grocery shopping apps that (I promise) aren’t boring:

1. Grocery Gadget: First things first: grocery shopping without a list is a recipe for disaster! Download the Grocery Gadget App to make ‘list-making’ easier and more organized. It arranges items by category, lets you compare prices across different stores and also lets you sync your list with your family members. So all of you can attack the grocery store together!

2. Food Smart: You can make many lists, but if you’ve been eating cookies and muffins for dinner, then you know you’re doing something wrong! Use FoodSmart – an app that helps you pick out the healthier items by colour coded products and product health rankings. Be careful with the carbs, ladies! The only time shopping isn’t fun is when you’re doing it because your jeans don’t git anymore!

3. Out Of Milk not only help you list out what you need to buy BUT also keeps track of what’s already in your pantry, in case you forget! Other than that, you can also use it to make organized lists.

Who can complain about grocery shopping being tedious or boring now? Grab a cart (and of course your phone) and hit Modern Bazaar,  Gourmet Food Bazaar, or Passion Cheese at Select CITYWALK for a day-at-the-mall that’s bound to be interesting – and what’s more, it’s definitely going to win you brownie points at home!

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