The wait is over- come enjoy your favourite cuisines at Select CITYWALK
June 15, 2021

The wait is over- come enjoy your favourite cuisines at Select CITYWALK

The wait has been a long one but it is finally over. After weeks of looking forward to some semblance of normalcy, our store partners are now getting ready to welcome you again. Long days of shopping, fun, and entertainment await as the shadow of the pandemic starts to lift and we start to see life returning to its normal pace. Our store partners are now open on all days with all safety protocols in place for you!And your favourite restaurants at Select CITYWALK are excited to serve you wonderful dishes and make your dining just as beautiful an experience.

Punjab Grill

Experience the unparalleled richness Punjabi, Pathan, Sikh, and North Indian dining. Combining depth of flavours with traditional recipes, Punjab Grill brings you meals that remain memorable. Get the delicious and decadent dishes from master chefs of the Delhi NCR region served on your platter.


Andrea’s Eatery

Andreas’s Eatery is a favourite with regulars for both its suave and sophisticated charm and its fresh, curated menu. If you have been craving the best of Italian, Chinese, Thai, and Continental dishes from Andrea’s, this is the time to make the most of it.


Harajuku Tokyo Cafe

Bringing the street food of Tokyo straight to the heart of Delhi is the Harajuku Café. From ramen bowls bursting with flavour to hearty rice bowls and from perfect soups to Tokyo style desserts, Harajuku Tokyo Café is just the place to find comfort food for your soul.


Yum Yum Cha

If you have been craving Sushi during the lockdown, here is your chance to indulge. From the best Wasabi Rolls to a divine OctopusTakoyaki, Yum Yum Cha has a gastronomical experience worth savouring (pun intended).

Burma Burma

A journey to the heart of East Asia with food from the heart of Myanmar. Burma Burma is just the place to bring home lunch or dinner and forget the cacophony of life around you. Dig into favourites such as Mushroom Bun, KhauSuey, Lemon Grass Curry or enjoy one of the amazing Bubble Teas on the menu.



Some of the best dishes from Bangkok, Thailand, Tokyo, Canton, Hong Kong, and some yummy desserts to complete the meal – Mamagoto is the perfect place to experience the gastronomic delights Delhi has to offer.


Burger King

Nothing quite beats a juicy, fat burger dripping sauces. Except perhaps, a Burger King. Make your day all about friends and family with Big Whooper, Wraps, Chicken buckets, and thick chocolate shakes. Revel in the quintessential fast-food experience.

Perfection comes in many flavours. So does the food at My Square – Select CITYWALK’s outdoor food space. As our store partners pen up again, we look forward to welcome you back and provide a delightful shopping and entertainment experience. Pick out your favourite dishes from all the best outlets such as Subway, Sassy Begum, Cha ChaCha, KFC, PindBaluchi, and Keventers. Hydrate with the wonderful fresh juices from Refuel and chill out with Kulfiano’s range of chilled Kulfi popsicles.Opt for a delicious on-the-go lunch from LeBaB’sshawarma rolls and Mezze or platters from SaravanaBhavan’s South Indian spread.

Make shopping and spending time with friends all the more memorable.As our restaurants are operational now with 50% capacity, head to your favourite destination- Select CITYWALK for memories worth making and food worth relishing.

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