The wonders of an “LBD”
The wonders of an “LBD”
September 15,2017

The wonders of an “LBD”

Every Friday night, after a week of slogging in office, I want to start my weekend off with a bang!
Party really hard, so that the passed week, full of stress, is completely wiped out of mymind and then I can spend the next day recuperating from all the fun!
But while making these plans what I forget is that the real stress begins when I stand in front of my wardrobe 1 hour before I have to leave, look at the cupboard full of clothes and realize that I actually have nothing to wear!
I can almost see all women reading this nod their heads alongside!
So, what do I do amidst such a crisis?
Start crying like the drama-queen I can be?
Begin hyper-ventilating?
Cancel my plans?
Go in that ugly black formal shirt I wore for the all-important meeting today?
Or, do a tribal dance hoping the gods will shower some new clothes on me?

It is in exactly in this situation that my “Little Black Dress” comes to the recue! Yes, the infamous LBD, the must-have for every woman!
So my knight in shining armour is this LBD I picked up from Mango in Select CITYWALK. Totally yummylicious, this dress enhances all the curves and hides all the flab!
Alright, so that covers step one. Now all that’s left is to accessorize it right! So a pretty pastel flower bag and a dainty belt from Forever new, diva-like stilettos from Nine West, a bling clutch from Zara and I am all set to dazzle!

And its then that I realize that my ride has been waiting outside since half an hour! And so I rush, but not so much that I scuff up my heels! Obviously….. heels before dudes!

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