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Top 5 Dos & Donts for the Monsoons
September 19,2017

Top 5 Dos & Donts for the Monsoons

Looks like the monsoon is FINALLY here. Are you ready to face the rain in all its glory?

It may be a beauty watching through a window while you’re sipping on your morning coffee from the comfort of your home or office. But step out and you’ll find your carefully put-together outfit ruined, your new shoes covered in dirt, and your hair looking like a mess! Here’s a list of Monsoon do’s and don’t’s!

The right footwear is super important on a rainy day! If the rain has ever attacked your favourite pair of shoes before, you’ll agree!

Do invest in a pair of slip-resistant shoes! Rubber ballet flats are a great idea for this weather and so are gum boots! Buy them in neons or pastels so that you don’t have to compromise on your style quotient! Check out ALDO, Charles & Keith and others!

Don’t wear leather or suede shoes that are bound to get ruined! Also, steer clear of flip flops and (even worse), HEELS! You’re sure to slip and fall and let’s face it – nobody needs that kind of embarrassment in their lives!

HAPPY feet

I’m no umbrella expert, but I am quite certain that umbrellas are as much an accessory as a shield. So make sure you have the right one!

Do keep it stylish. Go for a single block colour or even clear/transparent. In case you hadn’t heard, simplicity is the new sophistication.

Don’t use an old umbrella. That means no micky-mouse ears sticking out of it and no jazzy glitter from the 90s.


Some of the biggest fashion disasters have happened getting drenched in the rain. You don’t want to be the next victim!

Do wear loose, comfortable clothing in dark colours. Stick to cotton, poly-nylon and denims – these are comfy and dry easily. Go shopping at Zara or Promod to find the perfect clothes!

Don’t wear whites! White clothes are your biggest enemy in the monsoon and an even bigger fashion faux pas!

You hair can go from glam to god-awful in minutes during the monsoon!

Do keep your hairdo as simple as possible! If you’re planning to get haircut, now is the time to do it! Short hair is easier to manage in the rain! Visit Looks Salon for more tips and hair care products!

Don’t spend hours on blow-drying or straightening your hair! It’ll be seconds until the moisture gets to it and it springs back to looking exactly as before!


I know makeup may be a staple in today’s world, but in this season – the less the better! (You’ll thank me later!)

Do keep your makeup light and simple! Go for easy-to-use waterproof makeup to keep yourself looking fresh! Check out Clinique and Sephora to find the right rain-remedy beauty products!

Don’t overuse make up and stay away from dark colours or liquid lip colour! I know makeup may be a staple in today’s world, but in this season – the less the better! (You’ll thank me later!)

So make sure you have your rain-fighting gear ready! And if you don’t, it’s time to go shopping until you do! #GetRainReady