Ways to Perfect Hot Chocolate
Ways to Perfect Hot Chocolate
September 19,2017

Ways to Perfect Hot Chocolate

Ways to perfect hot chocolate

Brrr..the jackets are out, the heaters are on full blast and our coziest blankets have become our new best friends – winter is at it’s peak, and I’m loving it!

But if there’s one thing about winter that tops the charts, it’s that delicious hot chocolate. This classic warm winter drink is my personal guilty pleasure and comfort food. And the best part is, it never gets old! Here are some of my favorite ways to have hot chocolate:

1. Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream: It’s a classic – Just add a layer of whipped cream to make your hot chocolate even more delicious. You can even add chocolate sprinkles to that if you’re a major chocoholic (like me!)

2. Hot Chocolate with Peppermint: Simply add a peppermint stick to your hot chocolate to make it look and taste minty and yummy! If you don’t have peppermint sticks, peppermint drops will do too!

3. Peanut butter Hot Chocolate: Literally the perfect combination! Just take a dollop of Peanut butter from the jar and dunk it into your drink for a yummier and two-toned version of your favorite drink!

4. Banana Hot Chocolate: Trust me, this combination is to die for. Not only does it add a fruity dimension to your drink, it’s also healthier than the rest!

5. Cinnamon Hot Chocolate : This is super popular in South America – and I can see why! Simply add a cinnamon stick or a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to find out!

6. Lastly- and this is my personal favorite – double chocolate hot chocolate! Make your hot chocolate double up in flavor and yumminess by adding my secret ingredient: Nutella! The amount to add is totally up to you – because as I always say, you can never have too much chocolate!

So make the rest of the winter a little more worthwhile! You can visit any of our grocery and confectionery stores like modern bazaar, Gourmet Food Bazaar, Choko La, Sweet World and other – for ingredients to try these delicious ways to have Hot Chocolate at home. And if you’re feeling too cold to make your own, you can always come to Select CITYWALK and grab a cup from Starbuck or Coffee Bean Tea leaf.

Have a happy & chocolaty winter all!

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