What’s New at Select CITYWALK?
August 03, 2021

What’s New at Select CITYWALK?

“Extend your arms in welcome to the future. The best is yet to come!” – Anthony de Mello

It is our endeavour to make shopping, entertainment, dining, and spending time with loved ones a beautiful experience for you. Our store partners work tirelessly to bring you new fashion lines, accessories, home décor, and all the delightful things you may want to shop for. Every so often, we get ready to welcome new stores, new experiences, new joys. Once again it is time to extend our arms and embrace the new store partners who have joined the Select CITYWALK family.

Amethyst by Rahul Popli

Amethyst by Rahul Popli brings together the best of both worlds – traditional, majestic designs and modern, minimalistic jewellery. Inspired by India’s rich tradition of colourful and regal jewellery, Rahul Popli launched his brand that features the most stunning gold, silver, and stone-studded masterpieces. The newly launched store at Select CITYWALK features some of the most exclusive designer bangles, neckpieces, earrings, rings, headpieces, and more. The pop of colourful stones, versatile flowing designs, and finesse make his jewellery wearable art. The next time you head out to Select CITYWALK, do drop in at Amethyst by Rahul Popli.

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Melissa Shoes

Colour, design, and premium quality – these are the hallmarks of Melissa Shoes. Launched in 1979, Melissa Shoes has become the go-to footwear brand in over 70 countries. Collaboration with inspired designers such as Jason Wu, Campana Brothers, Vivienne Westwood, and Fiorella Giannini has brought in glamour, comfort, and style into each pair of Melissa Shoes. Melissa Shoes are made from hypoallergenic and 100% recyclable patented material for flexibility and comfort. Come shop for the world’s favourite footwear at Select CITYWALK. The distinct fragrance added to the shoes invokes a wonderful sense of nostalgia.


Coming soon to Select CITYWALK

Coco Kart – They say, everything gets better with chocolate. Catering to premium chocolate lovers, Coco Kart is all set to launch its new store at our mall premises. Indulge in the food of Gods, the specialty chocolates, and gourmet confectioneries that will make life sweet. The range of dark, white, and milk chocolate at Cococart is mindboggling and perfect for both personal indulgences and gifting. If you prefer eggless and/or vegan chocolates, Cococart is just the place to be.


USPA – The US Polo Association is one of the best-loved clothing brands in the country. Launching its all-new store at Select CITYWALK, USPA brings its latest range of shirts, polo t-shirts, trousers, sweatshirts, jackets, and more. Be fashion-ready with the season’s latest trends in clean lines and bright colours. The USPA store will also be showcasing the iconic brand’s best accessories. “Live Authentically” as the brand tagline goes.

We at Select CITYWALK look forward to bring you the latest in trends and welcome you with delightful changes every time you visit.


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