Winter Food
Winter Food
September 19,2017

Winter Food

Brrr…it’s getting colder and sometimes, no amount of new clothes and boots can do the trick (keep trying though)!

If there’s one thing that won’t let you down in the freezing cold, it’s FOOD. Here is a DELICIOUS 4-course meal that’s sure to keep you warm in the winter and keep your taste buds happy!

Starter: It’s a Soup: After a long day of hard work or shopping (!), nothing feels better than a bowl of hot soup! You can make a spicy chicken broth or stew and add some veggies for a healthier and more filling dish! Or you can keep it simple with a creamy tomato soup and croutons! Try the amazing ones as Amici, or spicy asian ones at Mamagoto!

Main Course: Keep it cheesy: Baked potatoes with cheese? Cheese nuggets? Cheese PIZZA! There’s no end to what you can do with cheese! Be it a cheesy dip sauce, stretchy stringy mozzarella or melt-in-your mouth mac & cheese, if there’s one thing for certain, it’s that you can never have enough cheese. Get your dose of cheesy goodness at Chicago Pizza, Geoffrey’s or Spaghetti Kitchen!

Dessert: Piece of pie: You always need a sugar-rush at the end of a meal, and we know just the thing: A plate of pie! Hot steaming apple pie with a yummy whipped cream topping! (Isn’t your mouth already watering?) You’ll soon get your sugar craving fulfilled with Krispy Kreme!

Drink: New Sunday night routine. Slip on your pajamas, put on your fuzziest winter socks and crawl onto the couch with a cup of HOT COCOA! You can even make it yummier by adding your own touch to it – peppermint, caramel, cinnamon, or even some extra chocolate (A spoonful – or two) like Nutella perhaps? Only one place to get it – Starbucks!

After this scrumptious winter meal, you’ll be cozier, comfier and happier! And if you aren’t a great cook – don’t worry! You can buy instant cooking packages from Modern Bazaar or simply buy an easy-to-use recipe book from Crossword!

Happy eating, food-lovers!