Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves
Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves
September 19,2017

Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves

Winter is in full swing – and needless to say, we have every reason to love it. The hot chocolate, the pretty lights, the breezy sunny mornings and the festive Christmassy decoration! But most importantly – winter is that time of the year when the stores are stocked with fabulous new winter collections, giving you yet another reason to do what you do best: SHOP! For those of you planning NOT to go broke this winter, here’s a piece of advice: Shop wisely and only buy the must-haves!

Every winter should start with a pair of brand new jeans. Ditch the standard basic blue denims for something trendier! With all the prints out there – from Aztec to floral to animal prints, there are many ways to stay stylish! You can check out cool new printed jeans & tights at Zara & Mango!

The colder it gets, the more clothes we have to put on. You can layer up till you look like an overdressed polar bear and still be cold! A smart idea would be to invest in a heat generating inner/tee! Buy it in a basic color like black or nude and you’re set for the winter! You can look for these at Pantaloons & La Senza!

Your winter wardrobe would be incomplete without a leather jacket! Not only does it spruce up a boring outfit, it also goes with everything! But if you’re not a leather kind of person, switch the leather jacket with a trendy coat! Check out Promod, Burberry Brit and Forever New for the latest jackets and coats!

No matter what season it is, accessorizing is a MUST – and winter accessories are super-fun to buy. Woolen caps in cute colors, bright scarves and gloves – with all the possibilities out there, you can go from drab to FAB in seconds! Pile on the accessories! All of ‘em! Accessorize & ALDO Accessories have everything you need!

Lastly – BOOTS. Need I say more? Buy ‘em in black, brown, leather, suede – go ballistic with boots! You can choose from the latest collections at Steve Madden, TresMode, Shoe Tree and many more!

This winter, make a statement with an outstanding winter wardrobe! And in case you need any help CITYWALK will come to your rescue with our exclusive Styling Services. Hello, shopping spree!

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