Your Relaxation Guide
Your Relaxation Guide
November 02,2017

Your Relaxation Guide

The Festive season is officially over, but it’s after effects aren’t. After so many hectic weeks who isn’t left exhausted? The one thing we could all use to get back to gear again is a good relaxation session.

Your Relaxation Guide
Use Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a great way to relax your mind and body and to be happy. Not only that, proven research states that it helps alleviate daily anxiety and boost your mind. From essential oils to scented organic candles, aromatherapy uses a host of aromas and sounds to treat many different conditions. The soft flickering candle lighting effect helps you de-stress and enhance the soothing qualities of the essential oils. You can also invest in an oil diffuser and create harmonious energy in your environment. Oil diffusers are great for meditation too.

You can head to Rosemoore to find an endless range of essential oils. Pick your choice of gorgeous fumers and infusers from Good Earth. You can also indulge in the stress leaving therapy by Forest Essentials.
Your Relaxation GuidePut Your Phone Down

Technology, especially mobile, has seeped so deep into everyday aspect of our lives that we fail to realize its negative impact on our physical and mental health. Doing household chores, walking down a street or sitting in a restaurant without having a peek at our phones or tablets seems like an impossible task. Our phones are basically ruining all our chances to relax and unwind. So try to get in the habit of walking, eating or running other errands without checking your phone. This small change can make a huge difference to your overall well-being.

Your Relaxation GuideRead instead of watching TV

Want to relax after a difficult day? If you have this habit of constantly watching TV and listening to everything within earshot, you probably should know that there are a lot of stress issues related directly to noise. On the other hand, reading a book is the best way to relax and is also linked to having significant positive effects on our brain.

Take your pick from the wide selection of books at Crossword or Om bookshop.

Your Relaxation GuideGo Plant Shopping

If you’re having a stressful day, take a break and go plant shopping! Plants and flowers not only look adorable sitting at your desk (at home or work), they also purify the air around you and help reduce stress. Looking at green colour is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and always relaxes the mind. Invest in a plant that bears flowers instead of buying a flower. It’s sure to have a therapeutic effect on your mind, body and soul and acts as a stress buster too.

Take your pick from Nurturing Greens in Home Stop or head to Green India, where you can find some adorable accessories to go with your plants.

Giving time for your mind and body to relax is a must. So start taking out time for yourself to de-stress and rejuvenate. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.