Fashion trends change over time but your own unique style is forever. A chic outfit is rarely complete without stylish accessories and jewellery to match. For jewellery pieces with a personality as distinct as your own, visit the Outhouse Jewellery store at Select CITYWALK. One of the premium artificial jewellery shops in Delhi, Outhouse is a line launched by Kaabia and Sasha Grewal in 2012. Iconic and unorthodox design is the Outhouse forte.

Inspired by their travels across the world and melded from their fascination with global cultures, each Outhouse jewellery is a piece of art. Taking up floral, geometric, and aesthetically pleasing designs and combining them with the cultural heritage of Indian traditions, the Grewal sisters launched the Outhouse jewellery stores in Delhi. Outhouse jewellery pieces are indispensable part of your wardrobe.

Apart from being the favourite fashion jewellery of celebrities across Delhi and the rest of the country, the Outhouse is the perfect destination for brides wanting to make a statement. Walk into Select CITYWALK and walk out of the Outhouse store with your share of bling and sparkle!