1469 Original

1469 Original

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1469 is a concept born out of passion of its creator, Harinder Singh 13 years ago. Harinder had been making tee shirts for up market international brands since 1990. When he realized that Panjabis of Delhi and northern India were losing pride in spoken Panjabi he decided to make Panjabi fashionable by manufacturing good quality tee shirts with catchy panjabi slogans on them.His idea was lapped up not just by fellow panjabis but by smart customers, both residing in India and tourists, looking for alternative clothing.with the encouragement of the audience a mere experiment with fun took the shape of a conceptual brand. Today 1469 showcases Panjab in its traditional n cultural finery to the viewer with handcrafted phulkari, quirky tee shirts, gurmukhi calligraphy, handmade chaa cups, phulkari based accessories and souvenirs.

It has been a learning experience as we take pride in letting the customer know that the Panjabis are beyond bhangra and butter chicken. They are art, craft and music lovers and creators.In this journey we realized that the real art of Phulkari making was getting lost.we decided to work on a two thronged agenda. where on one hand we are enhancing the quality and workmanship of the contemporary form of phulkari in which patterns are traced and embroidered on to different textures of fabrics , on the other hand we are trying to revive the age old technique of creating phulkari on coarse fabric from the wrong side counting the wefts and wafts. Where we are trying to empower the women of Panjab by giving them financial independence, we have also taken our social responsibility seriously by engaging women of farmer suicide stricken Sangrur district of Panjab in making the Sangrur bell that will go a long way in their emotional n economic upliftment.

1469 name comes from the year of birth of our first Guru, Guru Nanak Dev ji. This is not because we are a religious brand. On the contrary we have a regional essence but international acceptance. 1469 store’s appeal is the ambience thats created by pottery, coasters, posters, paintings, books and music along with the regular winner products like tee shirts and bags.Ours is a panjabi platform which has been visited and accepted by the entertainment industry since its inception. Hockey players, stand up comedians, folk singers have regularly contributed to the ideas and messages written on our tee shirts. we have been fortunate to be associated with Bollywood through the very talented Imtiaz Ali whose Panjabi flavored cinema has been a major hit.We have made tee shirts for crews and contributed in his movies with accessories and ideas. Other movies have also got corporate tee shirts made for crew members and fans.

We have 5 flourishing stores.This one at Select is our 6th and surely a feather in our cap. We do not intend to open more but want to reach all nooks and corners of the world through our online presence. Resonance of our products is visible worldwide in the institutional orders we do for bhangra teams in Australia and US to bank employees in India.