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Burma Burma is elated to announce the launch of its new menu which is now available at all every location the restaurant chain serves at. Inspired by the Burmese countryside, the new menu is another step in the brand’s pursuit to bring the most authentic Burmese experience to India.

Given the diversity of the Burmese landscape, there are intricate details in both the culture and cuisine which are unique to each state. Burma Burma has thoughtfully incorporated this very aspect in its array of new dishes. While there are new takes on the signature dishes and all-time favourites, there are also new introductions which are completely unheard of.

The team’s most recent trip to Burma led them to the central and southern parts of the country where it explored the hills and the coasts of villages such as Mawlamyine and Hpa-An. The travel and interactions with the locals have led to the creation of the most authentic, unique and evolved dishes.

Begin your meal with the ever-so-light Rainbow Soup inspired by the Kayan tribe, followed by a Spicy Laphet (Tea Leaf) Avocado salad. In the appetizer category, you could choose between the Grill that ‘Bao’, a steamed Bao with seared mock meat and the Yangon Tea Shop Favourite , “Quack” Palata, a minced mock duck stuffed paratha with Broccoli and Asparagus Tempura Bao.

Be spoilt for choice in the mains category as you get to pick between the Si Chet Khowsuey, Malar Noodles, Mon Mustard Edamame Rice, Black Bean & Moringa Leaves Curry and stir-fried seasonal greens with Tofu and Fermented custard.

And end the glorious meal with a star from Burma Burma’s Thingyan menu, the ‘Ye Gethoo’.