Nice to meet you,

We are Melissa!

Melissa is more than a shoe. We create fashion out of plastic!

Melissa is democratization of design and creativity connecting us. Melissa was created in 1979 on the feet of the French Riviera with an inspiration coming straight from the sea. Within a short time, it became world-famous and today we are present in 96 countries. Melissa was one of the first brands in the world to create collaborative partnerships. In 1983, we signed our first collaboration with the icon Jean-Paul Gaultier, known for eccentric and avant-garde fashion. Jean-Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, Zaha Hadid, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Baja East, Vivienne Westwood, Jason Wu are some world-famous names among the repertoire of design collabs.

We are connected to everything related to art, fashion, and design. We are born from disruption and nothing fascinates us more than the difference. The difference also lies in being normal, being what you are and what you wish to be. We connect stories. We value human diversity, view, and emotion. We are international. We are sustainable. We make luxury accessible. We believe in respect. We have no ethnicity. We have no age. We do not have a target audience, gender, or social class. Melissa is for everybody. We are a 100% recyclable, vegan and cruelty-free brand. We believe that an extraordinary future can only come through responsibility. We have zero water waste and reuse all the water waste. We use 80% renewable energy in our production cycle. We believe that sustainability is a journey and hence we are committed to our sustainability goals.


All Melissa products are made in Brazil, where we manufacture not only our products but also our very own raw material – MELFLEX®. We’ve been putting more and more study, technology, and hands-on work into our production chain to ensure we’re doing our absolute best. We commit to sustainable development on all three fronts of its business: people, operations, and products.

We strive to provide our employees with the best work environment – appreciation and respect for them to begin with ethics in the workplace. We strive to protect their health and well-being and have programs to offer them the best professional training.

Some of our achievements among many are that we are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which guarantees its responsible origin. All of our shoes are vegan and made out of 100% recyclable MELFLEX® (the plastic that all Melissas are made of, developed, and manufactured by the company itself).

We are recognized by the Vegan Society, an established UK institution that has guided on creating a cruelty-free world since 1944, and not only are Melissa products fully recyclable, but they are also all made out of recycled material.

We support the fight against the uncontrolled use of plastic – our shoes are made to be reusable, and afterward, recycled. In some of the countries, we have offered recycling bins at our points of sale, encouraging customers to bring back their used Melissas so we can make sure they find the proper destination for recycling. In India, we are working towards it and plan to start soon.

As to the future, we have three main goals:

To fuel our recycling program, making sure that every day we can recycle more shoes that are no longer wearable.

To start a conversation about conscious plastic use and to keep it going.

Finally to keep connecting stories and people, while respecting and celebrating diverse expressions of identity. Diversity is key in the world we are hoping to create.