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Dear Shopper,

                                      Celebrations never end at Select CITYWALK. It gets merrier as the days slip
                                      by and we get ready to usher in a brand new year! The freshness of the days
                                      to come is filling people’s hearts with joy and adding a spring in their steps
                                      as they make their way to Select CITYWALK to celebrate a shopalicious
                                      2019! We’ve lit up your favourite outdoor plaza in New Year’s décor and it’s
                 Rewards              so beautiful. Don’t miss it!
                                      As you begin 2019, we have exciting things planned for you, beginning with
                                      all the fab fall-winter styles that have hit the stores. So go explore and expand
                                      your wardrobe as you embrace the minty freshness of the collections before
                  Foreign             spring comes a-knockin’! With new trends and styles, there’s no excuse to
                 exchange             not shop. And with Valentine’s Day just round the corner, we all need that
                                      perfect outfit for our V-Day date. Where else to cosy up on the special day of
                                      love but at one of our many restaurants! So get ready to celebrate your day of
                                      love with us!
                 services             Talking about love, we’re giving you another reason to love us even more!
                                      After O Bags and Isharya, we have two international giants of fashion pitching
                                      their tent with us! Ted Baker has and Brooks Brothers is all set to open shop at
                                      Select CITYWALK. Didn’t we tell you we have much in store for you!
                Hands-free            As you shop, celebrate women power with us. To mark Women’s Day in the
               shopping and           month of March, we have dedicated our cover story to six special women
                  more...             who have excelled in their fields to become successful entrepreneurs, social
                                      activists and corporate heads. That’s not all. Do come and be a part of our
                                      Women’s Day celebrations on March 8. We promise to make all women feel
               Happy to help          as special as they truly are!
                                      Now that we’re entering another New Year, a fresh calendar of events awaits
                                      you at Select CITYWALK. As always, we’ve put our heart and soul into
                                      planning each one of them. Whether it is patriotism, love or womanhood –
          Please write to us at       celebrate different shades of life with us. Drop by to participate, indulge or
  just have fun. All of that motivates us to do better. Come, see, shop and enjoy!
    Warm regards,
    Team Select CITYWALK

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                                                    city walker // January-March 2019
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