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                         jan-mar ‘19

            New year
            New styles
            Cherry-picked looks
            from fab brands
            FOODIE LOVE  Made up in love
            Your V-Day dinner    BE DATE-READY
            is served    IN A JIFFY
                WOW WOMEN
                 The tale of 6 sheroes
               An image from     episode 2//
            the latest campaign of   cover story MY
            Kate Spade New York
                                  8     Meet six women achievers, who have
                                8.      Wondrous women
                                        redefined their respective industy

                                                episode 4//food
                                                    Love at first bite
                                                      Bake your own
                                                        Fraisier cake

             episode 2//brand talk

                24                                  episode 5//         My desire list
                                                         lust list
               Like the Presidents do                               We list elegant new
                                                                     additions for your
               Brooks Brothers, the ultimate destination   56          2019 wardrobe
               for classic American clothing
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