Page 8 - City book_Jan-Mar'19
P. 8

much needed pop to every outfit.
                                                         Carousel and Kukoon made sure
                                                         they dazzled with their apparel
                                                         on all three days. All the Madison
                                                         enthusiasts (and everyone else)
                                                         made sure they were there early
                                                         on the first day to pick from their
                                                         chic collection. Lecoanet Hemant,
                                                         Scentido, Kokoro and Isharya
                                                         weren’t far behind and won
                                                         many  hearts for their  respective

                                                         All  the brands  had  especially
                                                         sourced products for the pop-up
                                                         from the talented craftspeople
                                                         behind their creations. Pop Box
                                                         saw numerous guests become
                                                         true  shopaholics at  brands  that
                                                         were especially picked for Select
                                                         CITYWALK, making the first edition
                                                         of Pop Box a roaring success!

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