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                      Spring Comes

               ‘A Knockin’

                     Spring 2019 is telling us that tailored pant suits are here to
                     stay. While earthy tones and whites are your usual go-to
                          every summer, the most noticeable trend this
                      spring/summer  is the resurgence of bright neon colours
                      (read: neon greens and oranges) . While androgynous
                    fashion is on the rise this season, feminine silhouettes such
                     as midis seem to be taking centrestage. We bring to you
                      a sneak peek of the spring/summer 2019 collection our
                    brands have in store for you, showcased on the who’s who
                        of media, television and start-ups, these wardrobe
                    must-haves are specially curated by us to provide you with
                                 a fresh whiff of spring fashion.

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