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                     A curation of the best
                 CRET TOHAPPINESS
                     in-house beauty
                     brands interspersed
                     with the most
                     engaging activities,
                     the latest edition of
                     DSSC’S Secret Access-
                     After Hours came to
                     Select CITYWALK and
                     was a raging success!

                     When Select CITYWALK joins hands with India’s
                     leading lifestyle guides, DSSC, you know you’re in for a
                     spectacular show. An evening full of resplendent and
                     beautiful  women,  this  soiree  at  the  shopping  centre
                     made an impactful statement: that beauty lies within.
                     The country’s first ever,  After Hours Beauty Access
                     brought together the best brands at Select CITYWALK.
                     From the mock trial room that voiced recorded
                     thoughts that run in our minds to interactive activities
                     where you had to compliment strangers for a minute,
                     everything was geared towards showing people that
                     they already are the best versions of themselves.
                     Echoing the shopping centre’s ethos, the focus of all
                     the  buzz  was  on the  customers, who  engaged  and
                     interacted  with  an  array  of  brands  such  as  Innisfree,
                     Sephora, Kama Ayurveda, Geetanjali Salon, Isharya,
                 SE  Maison Des Parfums and Clinique. F&B brands such as
                     Hotel Delmaar and L’Opera made their presence felt too,
                     satiating every gastronomic whim of our happy guests!
                     The brands  let the customers experience their products
                     and spoke about how these can further enhance
                     their beauty.

                     They say time flies when you’re having fun, and so it
                     was with DSSC X CITYWALK Secret Access-After Hours,
                     where each guest was so engrossed in having fun
                     that they could barely keep a track of time! In the end,
                     everyone took home happy memories of a good time
                     and big smiles!!!

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