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Brooks  Brothers  has  done  it  A special area had been
                  again.  The  oldest,  most  reputed  cordoned off for the event,
                  men’s clothier in the United  adorned with a magnificent blue
                  States brought us an irresistible  carpet as classy as the brand is
                  new collection featuring their  known to be, leading up to the
                  signature bespoke flair, and we  Brooks  Brothers  store  at  Select
                  can’t get enough of it! Unveiled  CITYWALK. The brand’s iconic
                  on  what  seemed  like  an  logo, a golden fleece, had held
                  ordinary Saturday night to all  pride of place at the atrium for
                  our shoppers before they felt the  days earlier, leading up to this
                  electricity in the air, the brand’s  special occasion. An improvised
                  new spring/summer line had  ramp and engaging music set the
                  everyone wowed, and not least  mood, and a lineup of stunning
                  because it was welcomed by the  models showcasing the clothier’s
                  suave Rahul Khanna. One of the  fine new creations took the
                  most  handsome  faces  of  men’s  evening to the next level. Casual
                  fashion in India, he came attired  yet classy, relaxed yet elegant
                  in a classy blue three-piece suit  – the collection was everything
                  and introduced the audience to  one could have hoped it would
                  the new collection.        be, and more.

                                                    city walker // January-March 2019
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