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                         PUPUL’S 2020


                            Fashion and travel blogger Pupul
                         Pachauri spills the beans on her 2020
                        wardrobe, skincare mantras and more

                  Tell us something about yourself.  to try it in the new year.
                  I am a quintessential Delhi girl at
                  heart and I have no qualms about   I have yet to try the athleisure trend. So
                  acknowledging it. My followers like to   far, I have been afraid that I would look
                  address me as a mermaid or Rapunzel   like a boring person hanging out in my
                  and I am usually identified from a   gym clothes all day.
                  distance as the blogger with super long
                  hair. I love creating content related to   What does your 2020 wardrobe look like?
                  fashion and travel, but travel is my first   Ruched skirts, dresses with big dramatic
                  love.                        sleeves, and lots of colour! I will try
                                               to experiment more with structured
                  A little secret your followers should know.  silhouettes.
                  I am everyone’s travel advisor and help
                  all my friends in curating their itineraries.   A beauty sin you will not commit this year?
                  And no, I don’t get paid for it!  I will try to cut down on hot showers as
                                               they tend to dehydrate the skin.
                  What’s your fashion resolution for the year
                  2020?                        Your new skincare mantra?
                  My resolution is to make conscious   The “Less is More” approach has been
                  choices as a buyer and reduce mindless   working for me lately. The choices can
                  consumption. I will try to integrate more   be overwhelming and endless but I like
                  versatile garments in my wardrobe   to focus on ingredients that are clinically
                  and style them in different ways. More   proven to have yielded results.
                  importantly, I will focus on creating
                  looks from my existing wardrobe instead   What should your followers look forward to
                  of buying new clothes.       in the year 2020?
                                               You will see me taking more vacations
                  A fashion trend you want to do away with   and if you guys really enjoy my travel
                  this year.                   content, I hope you get inspired to
                  Real fur garments.           take a bucket-list-worthy vacation!
                                               Also, don’t forget to be a responsible
                  A fashion trend that you have been wanting   traveller. Be kind to the place and
                  to experiment with for a long time and plan   people you are visiting!
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