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                         jan-mar ‘20

                        Step towards
                        happiness this
            Style in      New Year
            the city    CULINARY
            Your favourite   DATE
            Instagram icons   Your V-Day
            spill their secrets  date is sorted
            FASHION       Bring
                          on the
             PREVIEW      A-game
            What to buy & how to wear it  Check out
                          the coolest
             Sported by Adidas Originals’
            Ranveer Singh, the Trefoil makes  episode 2//
             India brand ambassador –
             a comeback in a bigger and    cover story
                 bolder avatar
                                12    All  in with Adidas
                                      You will be spoilt for choice with a wide
                                      range of the trendiest sportswear and
                                      athleisure options at Adidas Originals
                                                episode 4//food
                                                      Culinary date
                                                    Find out the best
                                               restaurants to celebrate
                                                         your V-Day

             episode 3//fashion

                22                                  episode 5//         High impact!
                                                   home decor      It’s time to give your
               Ruling runway!                                         den a makeover
               Runway trends you must sport                54
               this season
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