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                  IS TIMELESS THE

                   NEW TREND FOR

                         Fashion and lifestyle blogger Monalisha
                     Mahapatra in a heart to heart about her New
                                     Year resolutions


                   Tell us something about yourself.  Boot-cut jeans. I have been wanting
                   I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger   to try them for a while now but so far
                   from New Delhi. I have been blogging   haven’t been able to summon the
                   across platforms for about five years   courage.
                   now. From video-making to numerous
                   styling pictures, I share extensive   What does your 2020 wardrobe
                   content on YouTube, Instagram, etc.   look like?
                                               It will be full of neutral tones and
                   A little secret your followers should know.  summery dresses.
                   Most of my followers think that since I
                   am lean, I don’t eat a lot. But it’s the   A beauty sin you will not commit this year?
                   other way around. I eat quite a lot   I am usually very careful about my
                   (!), something you can only see if you   beauty regime. However, this year I
                   hang out with me.           would like to focus on drinking more
                                               water and staying hydrated.
                   What’s your fashion resolution for the
                   year 2020?                  Your new skincare mantra?
                   I am going to invest heavily in classics   I would like to carry my old mantra
                   and timeless pieces and stay away   into this year. Cleanse, stock up on
                   from trends that fade out fast.  vitamins, moisturise and use serum,
                                               sunblock and oil.
                   A fashion trend you want to do away with
                   this year.                  What should your followers look forward
                   Neons. I find them very weird and   to in the year 2020?
                   don’t like them at all.     You can look forward to a lot of
                                               fashion and travel content. Lots of
                   A fashion trend that you have been   brands want to collaborate with me
                   wanting to experiment with for a long time   and I will be pretty busy on YouTube
                   and plan to try it in the new year.  as well.

                                                    city walker // January-March 2020
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