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‘Love Yourself,

                                   Empower Yourself’

                                   Says 23-year-old fashion activist Aishwarya
                                   Sharma, as she talks about her journey and tells
                                   us why loving yourself as you are is the most
                                   important key to happiness

                                  Tell us about your journey   otherwise  neglected  by
                                  so far.                  society, you face a lot of
                                  As a  young girl,  I wanted   criticism. Fashion blogging
                                  nothing  more  than  to  help   is still a niche space and
                                  everyone around me. This   bloggers are expected to
                                  combined with my love    be like mannequins with
                                  for fashion made me the   no real opinions. This cycle
                                  fashion activist I am today. I   needed to break and that
                                  feel that women, after years   was why I created my
                                  of suppression and silence,   blog ‘Figuramoda’. I still face
                                  are  finally  finding  their  a lot of backlash on my
                                  voices now and speaking   campaigns  and  blogs,  but
                                  out louder than ever before.   that has never stopped me
                                  I  am  glad  that  I  am  being   from saying what needs to
                                  able to speak for myself as   be said.
                                  well as for other girls who
                                  haven’t been able to do it for   What are your thoughts on
                                  themselves yet. My journey   body positivity?
                                  with  fashion  activism  is  a   I feel where there is no self-
                                  continuous process and I am   love, there is a void. How
                                  learning new things every   you look at yourself every
                                  day. The more I get involved   morning is very important.
                                  with  the  underprivileged  You have to understand and
                                  strata of society and make   appreciate your own value
                                  their issues a priority on   to really be happy, and you
                                  my blog, I feel like I evolve   have to love yourself as
          When and how did you    as a person. Talking about   you are - because you’re
          become an influencer?   acid attacks, mental health   beautiful! Body positivity is
          I started my fashion blog in   problems among the youth   all about acceptance and
          2017 with an aim to address   and  social  evils  against   self-love.
          social issues through the   women has led to changes
          medium of fashion. I have   in my own life too. I have   What would be your
          always believed that fashion   become more empowered   message to people who
          has a larger purpose to   and more aware.        suffer from self-doubt?
          serve and it feels  great to                     We all have our moments of
          see young people come   What challenges have     self-doubt! What we need
          out  and  support  this  kind   you faced along the    to know is that how we
          of  an  initiative. I had never   way and how did you   feel – about ourselves and
          imagined that people would   overcome them?      about the world – is in our
          understand  the  idea  of  Whenever  you    do   own hands. We can choose
          fashion activism the way they   something  unconventional  to  be empowered,  proud,
          did – it is really overwhelming.  and  talk  about  things  loved and appreciated.

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