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thrill of riding a bike is her favourite
                                         experience in the world. The second speaker
                                        was lawyer, blogger and writer Divya Gupta,
                                      who encouraged all women to speak up and say
                                    what they think and feel no matter who they may
                                  be speaking to. She stressed that every woman needs
                                to be as comfortable and confident speaking to a man
                              as she is to a woman, and feel truly free to express her
                            opinions. The final speaker, NDTV fashion consultant Ambika
                          Anand, spoke about the importance of family and how her loved
                        ones have always been supportive of her every step at work. Talking
                       about her workplace, she also revealed to the audience how it has
                     many facilities for female employees.
                 By the end of the evening, every woman in the audience went home with food
               for thought that she could share with her loved ones, doing her bit to bring about
             a shift in mindsets and proving that women are much more than the stereotypes
           used to define them.

                                                    city walker // July-September 2019

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