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                   who  runs  the  blog  The  Daily  Aloo,   looks  neutral  and  enhances  your
                   echoed  the  same  sentiments.  “I’ve   natural  features without overdoing  it.
                   used  body  products  from  The  Body   Earlier I used to buy products when I
                   Shop but none for the face. I’m hoping   travelled abroad but ever since it set-
                   the charcoal mask and face oil that I   up  shop  in  Select  CITYWALK,  I’ve
                   selected will do wonders,” she smiled.  been  a  regular  customer,”  said  an
                                                 elated  Kumar.  After  picking  up  the
                   A  few  stores  down,  Urvashi  Kumar   best of the best from the brands, the
                   from  the  blog,  The  Right  Shade  of   bloggers  met  over  delectable  dishes
                   Red, was on cloud nine. “I swear by   at Pa Pa Ya. Each participant was also
                   Bobbi Brown because it suits me best.   presented with a surprise hamper from
                   I  relate  to  the  brand  as  its  makeup   Select CITYWALK.

                    IIt’s great to get to know the   Our brand partners...
                    brand so closely. I not only
                  got a one-on-one consultation
                   with a professional but also
                  learnt more about my skin and
                     how to best look after it.

                       HIMANSHI GOEL

                                                       Our F&B partner...

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