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          The  power  struggles  after  the  fall
          of the Mughals and the subsequent
          vacuum  in  leadership  brought  the
          British  to  India,  and  eventually,
          to  the  city.  Along  with  the  British
          came  the  ideas  of  a  civic  society
          and the building of municipal zones
          and  subsequent  governance  laws.
          The British undertook the task of re-
          establishment.  Beautification  was
          taken  up  by  them  once  again  for   empire, but the British royal family.
          the same reasons as the erstwhile
          empires  had  done  –  to  make  the   In a nutshell, this is the reason why
          city the face of the empire, to the   Delhi  has  found  it  in  itself  to  rise
          people  and  to  the  world.  Under   after every fall. In its efforts to rise
          the British the arrival of modernity   repeatedly,  Delhi  has  always  used
          bought along technological, socio-  the  socio-cultural  fabrics  woven
          cultural, political and infrastructural   into  its  history  to  become  a  better
          developments  to  the  city  which   version of itself. It is something that
          ensured  that  it  was  bought  up  to   the city continues to do as the world
          speed  with  the  western  world,   moves  into  the  modern  age.  It  is
          primarily  as  a  city  that  would  be   therefore,  small  wonder,  that  Delhi
          able to host not just the important   continues to serve as the face of the
          dignitaries  and  members  of  the   nation to the world.

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