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                                                     - HOW SELECT CITYWALK          13.
                                                        REVAMPED DELHI’S
                                                         RETAIL THERAPY

                                                   Eleven years ago, for the first time
                                                     ever in India, Select CITYWALK
                                                   combined retail and entertainment
                                                    to lay the foundation for India’s
                                                     revolutionary fashion scene,
                                                     which was set to grow in leaps
                                                   and bounds, in the years to come.
                                                   Soon enough we saw international
                                                   fashion and beauty giants setting
                                                    their shops at Select CITYWALK’s
                                                     sprawling 6 lakh sq. ft. of retail
                                                   space. The shopping centre set the
                                                   stage for international fashion and
                                                    beauty industry’s ‘first-evers’ in
                                                   India. The first ever Zara, H&M and
                                                    GAP stores in India set their shop
                                                   at Select CITYWALK and so did Dior
                                                            and Chanel.

                                                     But that wasn’t all. The unique
                                                    concept of adding the flavour of
                                                   entertainment to shopping made
                                                    Select CITYWALK one of the most
                                                     checked-in destinations in the
                                                     country. In addition to being a
                                                  shopper’s paradise, it also became
                                                  Delhi’s favourite destination to hang
                                                    out with friends and family. From
                                                    PVR to Sports Diner by Hangout,
                                                     Movie Under the Stars to our
                                                    seasonal and monthly activities,
                                                     we make sure that we cater to
                                                    not just your shopping but also
                                                   your entertainment needs. Select
                                                   CITYWALK is where the city meets
                                                   to shop, eat, and most importantly,
                                                   to be entertained and have a good
                                                    time. We are shopping and much

                                                 city walker // October-December 2018
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