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                  AT CITYWALK

                              Meet your stylish version at
                                    Select CITYWALK

                      For our anniversary issue in 2011, when we quizzed Select CITY-
                      WALK’s regular shopper, Stuti Chandok on “what she thought set
                      this shopping centre apart from others?” She said, “There is a cer-
                      tain kind of aspiration to it. I see people actually dressing up before
                      they come here. I think it defines Delhi shoppers and their style.”
                      Today, what Chandok said a couple of years ago, still rings true. And
                      as we celebrate 11 years of existence, such words summarise why
                      Select CITYWALK is much more than just a shopping destination -
                      it’s a gateway to lifestyle transformations – crafting and catering to
                      your tastes, your style, your personality, and your identity. At Select
                      CITYWALK you are reborn as YOU++. This year, to showcase this
                      very attribute, we decided to fulfill our shoppers ‘makeover’ wishes,
                      and the first one on that list, turned out to be Delhi’s very own
                      Pammi Aunty. And lo and behold, in her glam avatar, Pam soon
                      became the talk of the town, drawing many others to our #Rebor-
                      nAtCITYWALK. And so the story of makeovers continued, as after
                      Pammi Aunty, we introduced a fitness instructor, a culinary enthu-
                      siast, a curator, a jewellery designer and a DJ to their new avatars!
                      Here’s a sneak peek as to what went into the making of their style

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