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                                     Our very own next-door Punjabi neighbour, Pammi Aunty
                                   (Ssumier Pasricha) was bored with her look so she headed to
                                                  Select CITYWALK for her style upgrade!

                                                                   A mid-length
                                                                   sleek bob with
                                                                   brow skimming
              Makeup                                               bangs - a south
              Bold red lips                                        Delhi woman
              are back with                                        never got more
              a bang so why                                        chic than this!
              not paint the
              town red?

             A dash of colour
             on her neck and
             a sprinkle of bling
             on her eyewear,
             Pam’s understated
             glamour provided
             by a Massimo
             Dutti jacket, white
             trousers and
             sunshades, a scarf
             from Shingora and
             Aldo’s block heels
             -  the ultimate style
             upgrade for any
             south Delhi woman!

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