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          #PICK THE


          Fashion and lifestyle bloggers
          chose the best skin care, body
          care and cosmetic products
          during a fun-filled event
          organised by Select CITYWALK

          It was a day full of fashion, skincare   Body  Works  because  I’ve  never
          and  beauty,  and  then  some,  when   used  any  product  from  the  brand
          10 of Delhi’s top beauty and lifestyle   before.  I  look  forward  to  using  the
          bloggers converged at a unique meet   body  wash  and  scrub  I  picked;  the
          and greet event organised by Select   texture and fragrance of the products
          CITYWALK. The event was aimed at   are  amazing,”  said  Karishma  Yadav,
          giving  each  blogger  an  opportunity   whose runs the blog Pink Trunk.
          to visit one beauty or makeup brand
          store  at  Select  CITYWALK  to  enjoy   The event was also an interactive one
          a special experience curated just for   as  the  bloggers  received  plenty  of
          them.                        guidance at the stores on the products
                                       they  wanted  to  pick  up.  Monalisha
          After a brief introduction by Gitanjali   Mohapatra,  who  owns  the  blog  The
          Singh,  Vice  President  -  Marketing   Grey Half Way, picked out some cool
          of  Select  CITYWALK,  the  bloggers   face  products  from  Sephora.  “I’ve
          were asked to pick a gift box, which   used  only  lipsticks  from  the  brand
          contained the name of the store they   before.  This  is  a  great  opportunity
          were to visit. While some lucky ones   for  me  to  try  other  products  from
          got brands they swear by, some got    the  brand.  And  the  best  part  is,  I’m
          a chance to experience ones they’d   being carefully guided to choose the
          never tried before.          shades  that  suit  my  skin  tone,”  said
                                       Mohapatra who selected a translucent
          “I’m  so  glad  I  got  to  pick  some   powder, a concealer-corrector palette
          fabulous  products  from  Bath  and   and  a  foundation.  Malvika  Rallan,

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