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Perfume Couture                                                                                                               Nappa Dori

                                                                                        A one-stop shopping
                                                                                      destination for scents and                                                                                   Got a friend who loves to travel and
                                                                                     colognes, Perfume Couture is                                                                                discover new places? Gift them a trunk
                                                                                     the perfect place to shop for                                                                                 from Nappa Dori, which will not just
                                                                                      your fragrance connoisseur                                                                                   help them pack their essentials but
                                                                                       friends. Home to a wide                                                                                     will also be great for #TravelGram.
                                                                                       variety of luxury fumes,                                                                                   Rooted in Indian sensibilities, Nappa
                                                                                      right from Azzaro, Burberry,                                                                                Dori offers a unique mix of design and
                                                                                      and Bvlgari to Versace, this                                                                               craftsmanship. Each of these products
                                                                                      store will leave you spoiled                                                                                 are designed with great attention
                                                                                      for choice. But don’t worry                                                                                  to detail and although they have a
                                                                                      because they have in-store                                                                                   contemporary look and feel, there’s
                                                                                       experts who will help you                                                                                  a touch of Indian aesthetics you just
                                                                                      curate the best perfumes                                                                                              can’t miss.
                                                                                       by offering personalised                                                                                    Steamer Mini Trunk in Smoke Grey
                                                                                     services based on your taste                                                                                  and Pista Green, `12,500 (each);
                                                                                          and preferences.                                                                                          (Top) Dean Backpack, `12,300
                                                                                     (Clockwise) CK One, `4,525;
                                                                                     Davidoff Cool Water, `4,575;
                                                                                        Bulgari Man Extreme,
                                                                                       `5,100; Versace Dylan
                                                                                           Blue, `6,750

         Aldo Accessories                                                                                                                                                                  EDITOR’S

         If you know someone who has a minimalist style                                                                                                                                          PICK
         (think dainty studs and delicate chains), then Aldo
        Accessories is the right place to shop for them as
         they have a huge collection of chic and feminine
       accessories. Take your pick from simple brass chains,   THE                                                                                         Bath & Body Works
        stacked rings, and button earrings...the options are
       endless. And while you’re shopping for her, get one or   PERFECT
         more accessories for yourself because why not?  FESTIVE                                                                        Bath & Body Works is known for their distinct fragrances and body care collections. Once you have chosen a
                Stud Earrings, `1,999 (each)          PICKS!                                                                            fragrance you like, you can pick body washes, lotions, and scrubs from the same range. Pro Tip: If you want
                                                                                                                                         to pamper and indulge someone, go for the Aromatherapy Body Care collection and ask the good peeps at
                                                                                                                                                              the store to help you put a gift basket together.
                                                                                                                                         (L-R) Luxury Bath, `1,495; Bath Soak, `1,495; Body Lotion, `1,195; Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, `695;
                                                                                                                                                       Moisturising Body Cream, `1,445; Smoothing Body Scrub, `1,495

                                                                          Chumbak                               LOCATION: Perfume Couture, Ground Floor; Aldo Accessories, Ground Floor; Chumbak, Second Floor

                                                                      One of the most popular lifestyle brands in
                                                                      India, Chumbak is well known for its quirky         LOCATION: Nappa Dori, First Floor; Bath & Body Works, Ground Floor
                                                                     prints, eccentric patterns, and bright colours.
                                                                      If you’re shopping for kids, pick this cute li’l
                                                                      horse that will not just be an interesting toy
                                                                      but will also double up as an eye-catching
                                                                     piece of decor. What’s more, it’ll go perfectly
                                                                       well with the aesthetics of Indian homes.
                                                                                Soft Toy, `1,495
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