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Keeping Beauty Timeless!
January 03,2018

Keeping Beauty Timeless!

True beauty is timeless. And the secret to keeping so lies in belying the years. We bring you beauty tips, routines and tricks for your skin to keep it flawless and shining with an unmatched natural glow. Read on to know how your skin can avoid ageing as you grow older.

Trendy twenties:

Teenage years are over and the hormonal upheaval has settled. You have bloomed into a young woman and your skin radiates a youthful rosiness. But staying carefree can damage the skin more severely than you realize. Those of you with oily skin may still have the odd breakout, making regular care even more necessary.


Get it right:

The sun and other environmental aspects can be harsh on your skin. While shifting to happier planets with more ozone won’t be possible, protecting your skin with the best SPF products is. The Body Shop, Clinique and Innisfree at the shopping centre helps you shield your skin from sun damage and nourish it at the same time – add their skin care products to your handbag today!

Bohemian thirties:

Time to straighten your act – weight and gravity make you age some more, and so do hormones. This period also witnesses another upheaval of hormones, especially if you plan to start a family. It is important to have your skin at its best during this time. If you see any reddening or unusual rashes, never be hesitant to consult your gynecologist. A visit to the dermatologist can also help determine the age, which will guide you to the right way to pamper your skin.


Get it right:

Dullness is an enemy – the right SPF can tackle any and all sun damage, while a good CTM with added focus on exfoliation keeps your skin bright. The Vitamin E Day Lotion with SPF 30 from The Body Shop will take care of both for you. A good anti-ageing regime needs to be number one on your list –the Pomegranate Firming Serum from The Body Shop can be the perfect addition to your regime.


Fine forties:

They say a woman looks her best when she reaches her forties. She’s well-settled, well-placed and has found her style and niche in the world. But this is also the time when age starts to show in all its vengeful glory. And often, skin dehydration is the root cause.


Get it right:

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise – this cannot be said more often! While your skin will look older, there is no reason why it can’t look its best, with supple skin and barely visible wrinkles. A good moisturising serum and/or a rich night cream will keep those wrinkles at bay. You can opt for L’occitane’s Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Cream for soft and supple skin.

Fantastic fifties:

By now, age has become a part of life So stick to a good skincare regime on the whole – CTM should not change, but it’s a good idea to use a complete skincare routine to boot which includes anti ageing cream. When shopping for the products, look for words like ‘deep moisturising’, ‘intense hydration’, ‘anti-wrinkle’, ‘skin tightening cream’, ‘anti-ageing’ or ‘for mature skin’. The biggest skin problems during your fifties could be age spots, deep-set wrinkles and skin folds, since skin loses elasticity.


Get it right:

Layering with two to three anti-ageing products will give you the edge over age. Begin with a gentle foaming cleanser (pick from ‘Forest Essentials’ Eternal Youth Formula range) and then use an AHA-based night cream containing retinoic or glycolic acid that first exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells and then penetrates deep into the layers of your skin to strengthen the elastic bonds and lock in the hydration. SPF still holds significance – your skin is now rapidly thinning, so protect it from sun damage, as always!