Select CITYWALK IndiaMr. Anshul Lal, Cocoa by Belgique

Mr. Anshul Lal, Cocoa by Belgique

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“Select CITYWALK as a shopping destination is the best in the country and has been recognized by major shopping magazines and contests. Cocoa by Belgique was the 1st F&B outlet to open in Select CITYWALK and since then numerous other F&B options have come up within the mall and in its neighborhood but overall the popularity and marketing strategy/services of Select CITYWALK has ensured consistent sales for us even with the advent of increased competition. Services offered by the Select CITYWALK management for its licensees are amongst the best and after initial hiccups I can confidently say that Select CITYWALK management is one of the most responsive, understanding and proactive managements in the business. All / any issues raised by us are responded to and rectified within a short (if not immediate) time-frame and the management is very understanding towards our problems and understands that all customers of its licensees are the end customers of the mall. They do not leave any stone unturned to ensure that Select CITYWALKs experience a world class shopping environment in Delhi.”
You guys are the best!!